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McObject, whose ExtremeDB embedded database systems are distributed in the UK by Phaedrus Systems, has announced two design wins in the military and aerospace market.

BAE Systems is using the company’s ExtremeDB as part of an avionics upgrade for the Panavia Tornado GR4 multi-role combat jet, while STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade, a Turkish defence contractor, is using the ExtremeDB High Availability (HA) embedded database within a new tank command-and-control information system (TCCIS).

Tornado Global defence contractor BAE Systems chose the ExtremeDB in-memory embedded database running on Wind River’s VXworks real-time operating system (RTOS) as part of an avionics upgrade for the Panavia Tornado GR4.

ExtremeDB is part of a new embedded software system that adds a tactical data link capability to the Tornado Advanced Radar/Map Display Information System (Tardis).

The Tardis displays a moving digital map overlaid with radar and tactical data.

The ExtremeDB embedded database manages tactical information such as aircraft, ship and vehicle positions and is updated in real time from multiple sources, including GPS receivers.

BAE Systems chose to use the ExtremeDB commercial off-the-shelf database rather than developing data management code from scratch in order to reduce costs and shorten the time to completion.

For STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade, the ExtremeDB HA embedded database is running on Wind River’s VXworks RTOS for real-time, fault-tolerant embedded software within the TCCIS.

This provides combat vehicles with a battle management system.

STM also chose McObject’s ExtremeDB Fusion hybrid database technology.

With this product, the developer specifies, with a simple database schema notation, which record types are to be stored on permanent media and which will be managed in memory.

This lets STM tailor the storage to achieve the desired persistence and performance for each task.

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