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ITI has announced that its Dexcenter solution is playing a fundamental role at Force Protection (FP), a manufacturer of defence products and vehicles for use in the military.

FP is said to have made a major contribution to the safety of armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan through technology that is designed to withstand mine explosions.

FP’s MRAP (mine-resistant ambush-protected) armoured vehicles feature a V-shaped hull that is designed to deflect blasts from improvised explosive devices (IEDs), minimising danger for the occupants and maximising the chances of repairing the vehicle itself after an explosion.

ITI has released a case study detailing how FP is using Dexcenter to establish and maintain global standards for security and accountability in its engineering process.

In its search for a robust solution that would automate encryption and tracking but would not be a burden to users, FP found Dexcenter, which is designed to offer OEMs such as FP a platform for technical data packaging (TDP) and validation.

This provides users with a straightforward interface for arranging the transfer of the large files typically associated with complex design and engineering data, and can also be configured to automate TDP processes and validate the package prior to delivery.

Dexcenter provides all the tools needed for transferring design data from one point in the engineering supply chain to another and for ensuring that the data is ready to use when it gets there.

It does so via a user interface that is said to be no more complicated than an email system and is backed up with a suite of process management tools.

Dexcenter has been deployed throughout FP’s engineering teams and is now used for all design and engineering data transfer.

A specific benefit for FP is the ability to have monthly logs of all data-transfer activities – a key requirement for the US government.

FP began with a Dexcenter implementation in the US and now plans to expand use to its European team.

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