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Mykal Industries has announced that the Desolvit Electrical and Cable Cleaner (DSI 5000ECC) has been awarded NATO number 7930-99-494-1799 for use within the armed forces.

The company said the product was chosen due to its good degreasing performance and good safety profile.

The fact that it is a citrus-based degreaser and not chlorinated or paraffin-based was in its favour, Mykal added.

Electrical and Cable Cleaner (DSI 5000ECC) is described as a powerful liquid cleaner for use on electrical cables, switchgear, PCBs and overhead power lines.

It is formulated to a high dielectric strength of 50,000v and designed specifically to remove greases, cable jelly, bitumen, sealants and oils without affecting insulation or cable cores.

The product has a flashpoint of 67C.

Desolvit Electrical and Cable Cleaner (DSI 5000ECC) is also available as a pre-impregnated low lint wet wipe under the name of Electrical and Cable Cleaner Wipes (DSI 5000ECW).

Electrical and Cable Cleaner (DSI 5000ECC) is part of the Desolvit range of citrus degreasers that combines performance with user and environmental safety.

Mykal Industries

Mykal Industries manufacture a definitive product range of industrial degreasers for virtually all applications from maintenance cleaning to sophisticated process degreasers. Our degreasers offer genuinely safe alternatives to traditional hazardous solvents targeted by Occupational Exposure, Disposal & VOC Emissions legislation, such as Trichloroethane, Acetone, Methylene Chloride and IPA.

The range of citrus degreasers, aqueous process degreasers and specially blended products for component and equipment degreasing combines high cleaning performance with environmental safety. These products are extremely effective against:-

  • Oils
  • Greases
  • Bitumen
  • Silicone
  • Sealants
  • Wax
  • PU
  • Adhesives
  • Resins
  • Inks

Several products carry approvals from NATO, DEFSTAN, DEFRA and both the Aerospace and Automotive industries.

Mykal’s Safe Solutions for Industrial Degreasing make it easier for companies to choose and specify safe degreasing products.

  • Degreasers
  • Citrus solvent degreasers
  • Water based degreasers
  • Aqueous ultrasonic degreasers
  • Aqueous spray washing degreasers
  • Component cleaners
  • PU, adhesive and resin removers
  • Impregnated cleaning & degreasing wipes

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