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Rotajet Systems has completed an order worth more than GBP150,000 to install and commission industrial cleaning machines for Vector Aerospace.

The order is for a series of water-based degreasing machines that are a vital part of the process to clean aircraft components.

The aqueous-based machines ensure environmental compliance by overcoming the problem of using trichloroethylene on site and remove all old oil and greases, short-term protection fluids and particle contamination.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, these machines can also help to reduce costs by up to GBP20,000 for medium-sized companies, according to Rotajet.

The machines supplied to Vector include a Rotajet D60 (which is combined three-stage wash, rinse and DI rinse and a drying oven) and a Rotajet D80 (a two-stage wash and rinse machine).

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