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DEK has announced the launch of its Vectorguard Platinum stencil technology for semiconductor manufacturers.

Micro-engineered to meet the challenges of fine-pitch printing, Vectorguard Platinum is an enabling stencil platform suitable for advanced applications such as wafer level packaging, direct chip attach, flip chip and ball grid arrays (BGAs).

Capable of delivering aperture accuracies of less than 3um, and positional tolerances of better than 20um at pitches down to 50um, Vectorguard Platinum’s stencil manufacturing process enables optimal process efficiency by generating high-accuracy paste transfer and consistent paste volume repeatability.

Designed for print process optimisation and first pass yield, the lightweight and compact technology offers simple and automatic tensioning, independent of traditional pneumatic assistance processes.

DEK said its technology delivers positional accuracy, stencil lifetime, storage convenience, improved rigidity, safer handling and ease-of-use.

The Vectorguard system extends manufacturing flexibility through a selection of foil technologies, including Vectorguard Silver for optimal lead-free printing and Vectorguard Pumpprint for cost-effective adhesive deposition.

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