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DEK’s Direkt Ball Placement process has been enhanced to enable accurate solder sphere deposition for spheres as small as 200um in diameter with pitches as tight as 300um.

The process has the ability to achieve accuracy and precision at a yield of over 99.99 per cent, with a parallel print process that allows for repeatable accuracy and fast cycle times which are independent of I/O count.

DEK has also designed the Galaxy Thin Wafer System, a high-accuracy print platform capable of meeting the demands of thinned wafer processes and precision microsphere ball placement.

The system’s wafer pallet is flat to less than 10um and has the ability to accommodate wafers as large as 300mm and as thin as 75um.

The Direkt Ball Placement system uses two side-by-side print platforms, with the first using flux imaging technology to precisely deposit flux at each interconnect site.

The second printer is a Galaxy Thin Wafer System equipped with an advanced enclosed sphere transfer head.

It is capable of holding up to 100 million solder balls that it then accurately seats individually into the flux.

The Direkt Ball Placement technology can process up to 45 wafers per hour.

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