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DEK launched Sentinel, a productivity-enhancing solution that lowers the cost of achieving more good boards from the stencil printing process, at the recent Productronica event.

Sentinel is designed to improve yield without affecting cycle time by allowing printing and high-speed inspection to run concurrently.

It is claimed to be simple to use and set up and has been specifically developed for use by print platform operators, as opposed to engineers.

Deploying next-generation inspection technology based on DEK’s Hawkeye post-print inspection tool, Sentinel integrates 100 per cent inspection at the line beat rate to fully safeguard productivity.

Sentinel deploys advanced technology that incorporates features such as full input and output verification along with 100 per cent inspection.

It includes the company’s verification and traceability to enable the complete traceability of materials, processes and the printed boards themselves.

Board- and pad-level traceability data is available for post-print analysis and process trend identification.

Sentinel is controlled by DEK’s Instinctiv V9 user interface, which delivers rapid setup along with operator prompts and guidance.

It offers high-speed paste on pad, bridge detection and alignment capabilities.

Vision coverage of the Sentinel inspection technology operates at a 36,000mm2/s performance.

Sentinel’s intrinsic closed-loop control takes charge of alignment, automatic under-stencil cleaning operations using Cyclone and paste dispensing using the company’s Paste Roll Height Monitor to provide optimal process efficiency.

It also rejects bad boards automatically without interrupting production.

Sentinel is available factory configured on DEK’s three primary automatic printer platforms: Horizon, Europa/Photon and Galaxy.

It is also available as an upgrade to selective DEK platforms manufactured over the past four years.

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