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DEK’s Stinger is an integrated low-volume adhesive-dispense module that enables dual-function capability from a single screen printing platform.

Stinger is ideal for customers working with mixed-technology boards.

It is an easy-to-use, flexible system that eliminates unnecessary stoppages and raises productivity.

Adhesive secures surface-mount devices (SMDs) to the underside of the board during wave soldering or for large components in a reflow system.

Stinger allows manufacturers to dispense adhesive dots on a pre-programmed pattern after the paste printed process has finished.

Stinger is integrated on board the printer and delivers dual-function capability from a single platform.

It is ideal for mixed technology applications requiring solder paste and adhesive.

Typical uses include those where adhesive is deposited for large devices that still require a wave solder process, products exposed to harsh environments and fringe SMT applications such as corner bonding.

The technology dispenses through a consumable auger valve system contained within the Stinger module.

It enables simple adhesive changeover without requiring system cleaning.

The removed valve can be reused, with product changeover taking just a few minutes.

By ensuring rapid product change and replenishment without system cleaning, Stinger minimises manual intervention to eliminate production errors and streamline dispensing performance.

Simple and fast set-up is enabled by DEK’s Instinctiv V9 advanced machine user-interface, which delivers intuitive operator prompts and guidance to enhance usability and reduce operator training requirements.

With an extensive choice of programmable set-up options at product file, site and machine level, Instinctiv V9 significantly widens Stinger’s production possibilities.

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