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DEK introduces a stencil coating technology, the Nano-Protek wipe, which is designed to increase cleaning effectiveness and reduce cleaning frequency as it renders the stencil surface ‘fluxophobic’.

Nano-Protek technology is designed to address key challenges preventing today’s stencil industry from achieving true process optimisation.

As apertures get smaller, the trend impacts negatively on paste release, leading to contamination in the stencil and an increased risk of defects.

In addition to driving poorer paste release, smaller apertures also require more frequent cleaning – reducing efficiency and increasing consumables requirements.

However, the introduction of the Nano-Protek wipe offers a solution, forming a chemical bond with the stencil surface to reduce the ability of the flux to stick to apertures and the bottom side of the stencil.

Enhancing the capacity of the understencil cleaner and improving the gasketing of the stencil to the PCB, the result is a substantially greater first pass yield, according to DEK.

‘Nano-Protek takes just 30 seconds after application to render the entirety of the surface it has coated completely fluxophobic,’ said Michael Zahn, global franchise and product manager, DEK.

‘Enhanced paste release, reduced cleaning requirements, minimal consumables cost and higher productivity are just some of the benefits of DEK Nano-Protek.

‘The coating can also be used to achieve more with all existing stencils,’ he added.

The Nano-Protek wipes are based on a technology that is designed to coat surfaces to impart fluxophobicity.

Covalently bound to the substrate surface, the technology enables stainless steel or nickel stencils to be cleaned for high-performance results.

The resultant permanent chemical bond is highly stable under ambient conditions.

DEK Nano-Protek wipes do not require additional capital equipment and can be applied to new and existing stencils.

Available worldwide, the technology can be applied at room temperature by the end user without training and can be re-applied as required.

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