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Delcam Electrode brochure - .PDF file.

Delcam will demonstrate the latest version of its Delcam Electrode integrated software for the design, machining and inspection of electrodes in the booth of its parent company, Autodesk, at the Amerimold exhibition, which is scheduled to be held in Rosemont, Illinois, on 17–18 June.

The system can now produce multi-part electrodes or family electrodes, as well as more conventional designs.

In addition, electrodes can now be displayed in the history tree of the tool on which they will be used, thus simplifying the management of projects. Also, all electrode drawings will update automatically if the design is changed.

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Key features and benefits

  • Multi-part electrodes can reduce the time needed for both machining and EDM compared with using several individual electrodes. In addition, machining multiple electrodes from a single blank can save materials while costs can also be reduced by using a single holder for the combined electrode.
  • The design of multi-part electrodes uses the same wizard-based process as is used for conventional electrodes. The wizard helps users to define the region where the electrode will be used, to extract the shape needed to produce the required feature in the part, and then to edit the design to provide clearance from the main surface of the tool and to blend it into the blank size needed to fix the electrode into its holder. Once the electrode for the first area has been defined, the user re-runs the wizard for other burn areas to be included in the multi-part electrode.
  • The same process can be used if particularly hard materials are to be burnt or if the same electrode design is required in several areas of the tool. In these cases, a single electrode might not be sufficient. A second electrode can be created within the blank, again by re-running the wizard, so that, once the first electrode has worn out, the electrode assembly can be rotated to use the second one.
  • In family electrodes, the roughing and finishing electrodes for a single area are combined in the assembly. Once again, the second part of the assembly is created by re-running the wizard. However, in these cases, the different machining offsets required for the rougher and finisher are applied when creating the various parts of the assembly.
  • All of these compound electrodes require more complex movement around the tool as they are used in comparison with standard electrodes. To ensure that collisions do not occur, collision prevention technology from the PowerMILL CAM system has been added into the simulation algorithms used by Delcam Electrode.
  • Delcam Electrode combines the PowerSHAPE CAD software, the PowerMILL CAM system and the PowerINSPECT inspection software to give a completely integrated solution for the design, machining and inspection of electrodes. 
  • At the heart of the Delcam solution is a novel file format: the .Trode file. This contains all the information for each electrode project, including not only the electrode design but also the machining and inspection information, plus the setup sheets for its manufacture and use. Having all the required information in a single file simplifies data management as well as increasing overall efficiency. 
  • Delcam Electrode can provide scripts for equipment from AgieCharmilles (Agievision and CT Millennium controls), Exeron, JDMA EPX, Makino EDM, Mitsubishi Electric, ONA EDM, OPS-Ingersoll, Sodick and Zimmer & Kreim.  Scripts are the EDM equivalent of CAM programs for machine tools.  They provide an automated process for the programming of the machine, instead of users having to program manually from a setup sheet. The automated process is much easier and quicker, especially when a large number of electrodes are being used on the same component. Furthermore, the direct link removes the human error that could always be possible with manual programming.

Delcam supplies software and services that help manufacturing companies to maximise their profitability by increasing productivity, improving quality and reducing lead times. The company is the world's largest specialist supplier of computer-aided machining software, with its PowerMILL, FeatureCAM, Partmaker and ArtCAM programs making up the most comprehensive range of CAM systems from any developer.

This broad selection allows Delcam to offer a CAM system capable of machining virtually any product, in any material on any type of equipment. Delcam also develops product design, tooling design and quality control programs. The unique Tribrid Modelling approach to design incorporates solid modelling, surface modelling and triangle modelling in a single program, enabling complete design and reverse engineering projects to be undertaken without transferring data between software.

Delcam's Powerinspect offers fast, reliable comparison of parts, prototypes and tooling against CAD data on all types of inspection equipment and even on machine tools. This versatility has made it the world's leading hardware-independent inspection software. Related programs are available for checking machine tool set-up and part location. Delcam software is used in over 80 countries worldwide by around 40,000 organisations, from large multi-nationals to small sub-contractors, in industries including aerospace, automotive, dental, engineering, footwear, medical and toolmaking.

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