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Delcam will be demonstrating its adaptive machining technology for aerospace manufacturing and repair on booth 207 at the Aerodef Manufacturing exhibition, set to be held from 25–27 February at Long Beach Convention Centre. According to the company, adaptive machining combines Delcam’s CAD, CAM and inspection software to give improved quality, reduced scrap, increased productivity and shorter delivery times.

Delcam’s complete automated CAD-CAM-CNC machine process can incorporate in-cycle inspection to constantly check on progress, making sure parts are produced right the first time. Software programs from Delcam can be combined together as one complete solution or used as standalone programs, either to remove bottlenecks in a current process or to replace old or obsolete software. 

Powershape, Delcam’s CAD software for the design of complex 3D parts, lets users find and fix any issues that could cause a hold-up in production, such as a gap in the model that could lead to gouging during machining.  

Able to cope with ever-increasing production demands, Powermill is claimed to be able to help manufacturers to create perfect toolpaths first time, every time. The latest changes in Powermill’s extensive functionality for five-axis machining increase the number of options for tool-axis definition. 

FeatureCAM, Delcam’s feature-based CAM software, automates the creation of reliable NC code for a wide variety of machine tools. The recently released 2014 version has a number of new options for turning, four-axis rotary machining and turn-mill operations, as well as more strategies for two-axis finishing and easier programming of probing sequences.

Used for inspection, Powerinspect combines the ability to work with all types of inspection devices, including probes on machine tools, with a comprehensive range of inspection routines for taking simple measurements, for inspection of geometric features and for analysing complex 3D surfaces. 

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Key features and benefits


  • Ideal for the design of complex 3D parts
  • By preparing or repairing CAD models with Powershape, users can reduce lead times and maintain part quality


  • Helps create perfect toolpaths every time
  • For raster toolpaths, the lead and lean angles can now be defined relative to a contact normal
  • Better control is now possible for the tool-axis definition when using the ‘To or from a point’ and ‘To or from a line or curve’ strategies
  • These improvements make it easier for users to control the contact angle between the cutter and the part, and so set the optimum cutting conditions for efficient machining and quality of surface finish


  • Automates the creation of reliable NC code for a wide variety of machine tools
  • Has the ability to incorporate probing routines into machining programs makes it easier to undertake unsupervised production operations by allowing automated checks to be carried out before, during and after machining
  • Can incorporate decision-making with built-in options in the software, instead of having to hand-write toolpath edit commands
  • It is now easier to include a re-machining command if the probing results show that more material needs to be removed from the part


  • Provides the ability to work with all types of inspection device, including probes on machine tools
  • Its reports present detailed information in an easy-to-read format, that can be understood by all engineers not just inspection specialists
  • Includes a new method for automated inspection of edges of parts, improved display of deviations, support for a wider range of geometric features, more flexible simulation and additional dimensioning options for radial features

Delcam supplies software and services that help manufacturing companies to maximise their profitability by increasing productivity, improving quality and reducing lead times. The company is the world's largest specialist supplier of computer-aided machining software, with its PowerMILL, FeatureCAM, Partmaker and ArtCAM programs making up the most comprehensive range of CAM systems from any developer.

This broad selection allows Delcam to offer a CAM system capable of machining virtually any product, in any material on any type of equipment. Delcam also develops product design, tooling design and quality control programs. The unique Tribrid Modelling approach to design incorporates solid modelling, surface modelling and triangle modelling in a single program, enabling complete design and reverse engineering projects to be undertaken without transferring data between software.

Delcam's Powerinspect offers fast, reliable comparison of parts, prototypes and tooling against CAD data on all types of inspection equipment and even on machine tools. This versatility has made it the world's leading hardware-independent inspection software. Related programs are available for checking machine tool set-up and part location. Delcam software is used in over 80 countries worldwide by around 40,000 organisations, from large multi-nationals to small sub-contractors, in industries including aerospace, automotive, dental, engineering, footwear, medical and toolmaking.

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