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Delta Line has introduced a range of hybrid linear actuators from Nanotec for applications such as medical equipment, measuring devices, handling systems and pumps.

The actuators, which provide closed-loop support, are specifically designed for applications that rely on error-free operation at high positioning speeds.

They incorporate thermoplastic nuts and trapezoidal leadscrews — a combination of materials that is said to distinguish them from standard linear actuators, which are made entirely of metal.

Available in sizes ranging from 28mm to 56mm (or Nema 11 to Nema 23), a resolution of up to 0.0025mm per step and up to 1,000N shear force, the actuators incorporate a high-torque stepping motor and a low-cost trapezoidal leadscrew with a pitch of 2.5mm to 20mm.

Key benefits

  • Reduced friction
  • Claimed to have twice the efficiency of conventional linear actuators with bronze nuts
  • Low maintenance as a result of self-lubricating nuts

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