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Delta Line Europe presents the Zeitlauf Gearmotors Noiselessplus range of miniature gearheads for medical, leisure goods, robotic and other applications.

Noiselessplus gearheads feature a typical noise output of just 35dB(A).

The near-silent running of these gearheads is achieved by enhanced gear cutting.

This means that Noiselessplus gearheads run very smoothly and achieve efficiencies of at least 90 per cent per stage.

With the output shaft supported by a double ball bearing and the output-stage gears supported by a special cage, the units can withstand radial forces of up to 2,700N without damage.

Backlash has been reduced to a minimum – 0.2 typical and 0.5 maximum.

Noiselessplus gearheads have very long operating lives.

Their rated life is a full 10,000 hours, but in most applications, this is easily exceeded and can reach 30,000-40,000 hours without problems.

The gearheads can be supplied with reduction ratios up to 21:1 in a single stage, while most competing products are limited to a reduction of 6:1 in a single stage.

Two-stage versions are also available, with ratios up to 231:1.

Noiselessplus gearheads from Delta Line Europe are available in 32, 42, 52 and 63mm versions.

They are typically supplied as complete gearmotor assemblies mounted with brushless DC motors, but other motor options from Delta Line Europe are available to suit the requirements of specific applications.

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