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Windform 3D printing composite materials from CRP Technology have been utilised in the development of the Deltawing race car, which has been designed to perform at the same level as other Le Mans prototype vehicles but with half of the available horsepower.

At the design level, this meant the car could only have half the mass and half the drag of the normal race vehicles.

To make the car work, an extreme weight-loss programme was initiated. However, time was very short, with only seven months from design to first track test.

The team used 3D printing technology together with Windform high-performance materials where applicable to speed up manufacturing time and to save as much weight as possible.

Key information

  • Laser-sintered Windform XT 2.0 was used in tooling, prototyping and testing, in areas including brake inlets and ducting, air inlet ducting, filter enclosure and the BLAT (underbody extension flange).
  • It was also utilised in mission-critical applications on the car, including bespoke electronics enclosures, electrical breakout boxes, transmission seal covers with integrated pressurised oil feed passages and the tow hook plinth.
  • Windform XT 2.0 was also used to construct the gearbox side covers.
  • Deltawing engineer Zack Eakin said the fact that Windform XT 2.0 could be used as a raceable part at the elevated temperatures and pressures the gearbox oil is run at opened up design possibilities that previously would have been too expensive in both time and cost.
  • The use of 3D printing and Windform materials were fundamental to shortening the timing of car construction.

CRP Group

The CRP Group is composed of six companies: CRP Engineering, CRP Meccanica, CRP Racing, CRP Technology, CRP Service and CRP USA.

The CRP Group is composed of six companies: CRP Engineering, CRP Meccanica, CRP Racing, CRP Technology, CRP Service and CRP USA.

Each company represents an example of excellence in their respective fields. From the experience of more than 40 years in the world of F1 working with top international teams, the CRP Group has great know-how in particular sectors, from additive manufacturing, to high performing CNC machining and development of two-wheel racing vehicles in both combustion engines and electric power (eCRP is the electric racing motorcycle), with the attention of service that is focused on the customer.

In particular, CRP Technology deals with the activity of additive manufacturing, operating in the field of motorsport, aerospace and aviation industry with the use of the Windform SLS materials, sold worldwide. CRP Technology is also involved in important projects of research and development where the additive manufacturing is required.

The other relevant company of the Group is represented by CRP Meccanica, the specialist in high speed CNC Machining for the motorsport, automotive and aviation sectors. CRP Meccanica carries out activites dealing with several sectors inside and outside the racing world, where the quality and the value are at the basis of its mission. Machining, welding and tooling departments are available to serve customers worldwide from simple to high complex and performing projects.

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