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Dematic has partnered with Kollmorgen to provide a new order-fulfillment solution – Lasertrucks+.

Dematic will utilise Kollmorgen Pick-n-Go laser guidance and vehicle-control systems as a core component of Lasertrucks+.

Dematic Lasertrucks+ is a complete, integrated, voice-directed and driverless laser-guided pallet-truck solution that increases case-picking productivity by eliminating non-productive steps.

By eliminating the non-value added tasks associated with a typical case-picking operation, Lasertrucks+ has the potential to double picking productivity, while retaining the flexibility of manual systems.

At the start of an order, the Lasertrucks+ delivers a new pallet directly to the picker.

Further optimisation of picker productivity and accuracy is achieved through integrated Voice Picking technology.

The Voice Picking feature enables the picker’s hands to remain free to promote faster and more ergonomic picking.

The pallet truck automatically moves with the voice-equipped picker as they verbally confirm picks and transports the completed pallet to shipping, while the next Lasertruck brings a new pallet to the picker.

The case-picking productivity increases as operators are freed up to focus solely on picking.

The Dematic Warehouse Control System integrates Lasertrucks+ with a WMS or ERP.

It provides real-time management and complete transparency of the Lasertrucks+ operation, including management information and decision support, order prioritisation, order status, productivity statistics and reports, and workload analysis and reports.

Lasertruck+ features include: increase in picking productivity; increase in order accuracy; high flexibility; ease of upgrading and optimising manual systems; improved operator safety; reduced product damage; reduced truck and rack damage; reduced energy consumption; reduced noise in the work environment; real-time transport and picking management; flexible to changing operational requirements; applicable to new and existing sites.

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