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Dentwise has announced a breakthrough method for producing implant-supported restorations.

Using patented Additive Manufacturing technology, Dentwise designs and produces sophisticated implant bridges, including highly complex surface retentions and individual emergence profiles.

After developing the method in collaboration with the Leuven University and passing clinical trials successfully, Dentwise implant structures are now available to dental technicians.

They particularly appreciate the design freedom that’s associated with Dentwise and value the fact that they have access to superstructures that cannot be produced any other way.

Dentwise’s patented manufacturing technology allows for designing the most complex implant bridges.

A perfect passive fit is guaranteed, while achieving accuracies better than 20 microns at the implant interfaces.

By applying its Selective Laser Melting technology, Dentwise is able to integrate the most complex surface retentions on the implant bridges.

As the technology builds up material in ultra-thin layers, it can realise an individual emergence profile on each of the implant connections, perfectly following the gingival profile.

Dentwise suprastructures are manufactured using ultra-strong titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V, grade V), which outperforms the commonly used titanium grade II in terms of mechanical properties.

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