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Derdack has introduced message master Enterprise Alert 2010, which combines automated alerts and notifications to enhance business continuity and systems uptime for critical services.

Using incident-forward communications, notifications can go beyond the enterprise’s boundaries to customers and suppliers.

Matthes Derdack, managing director of Derdack, said: ‘We could see that our notification workflow software provided many benefits to companies looking to maintain service uptime.

‘It was a logical step to extend the multi-destination notification functionality to communicate with a broader audience.

‘A proactive incident-forward communication strategy ensures users and customers are kept up to date on any issues that have affected service availability.

‘This prevents lost staff productivity, raises customer-satisfaction levels and reduces the number of support calls that are generated regarding the same incident.’ Message master Enterprise Alert has become an established product for companies looking to consolidate and manage alerts and notifications for systems monitoring.

It has been enhanced to make message-master Enterprise Alert 2010 ultra reliable so it can function effectively as part of critical systems infrastructure.

Many additional features for a fully redundant set up allow it to act as a central alert and notification hub.

Other improvements include: greater two-way integration with third-party applications, including industrial systems via OPC; allowing customers, suppliers and employees to define and self-manage notification subscriptions and preferences via an online portal; easier reporting and export of data into applications such as Excel; better filtering of double events; and SOAP-based SDK for software developers.

Key features of message master Enterprise Alert 2010 include: links to multiple event sources such as IT (Microsoft System Center, IBM Tivoli and HP Openview), facilities management, manufacturing and business process monitoring (BPM) systems; automated and intelligent alert and notification workflows following the closed-loop principle; multiple two-way communication channels, for example voice, SMS, e-mail, IM, fax, MMS; communication with multiple audiences, such as service technicians, managers, users, clients and suppliers; and full audit trail and real-time reporting capability.

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