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The Racor Division of Parker Hannifin has launched its latest range of reverse-osmosis watermakers that have been developed to offer fresh-water independence in global marine applications.

The Village Marine LT Series desalinators provide a reliable supply of fresh water for drinking, ice, showers, dishwashers and laundry onboard working marine vessels, and luxury yachts, where dock water supplies are unreliable.

The watermakers use high-efficiency spiral-wound membranes, which remove impurities, such as salt, minerals and organics, from sea, brackish, fresh and tap water.

These membranes use high-grade polyamide thin-film composite materials to ensure high integrity and performance, while a sediment prefilter removes particulates down to 5um.

They also incorporate an automatic diversion valve, which diverts water overboard if the quality drops below acceptable standards.

The units feature a compact, semi-modular frame design that can be mounted above or below the water line, providing optimum installation flexibility, with boost pump and pre-filters being supplied separately for fitting elsewhere in the vessel.

In addition, the compact high-pressure pump head is constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel to ensure that it can withstand the aggressive seawater environment.

A magnetic drive, low-pressure pump provides up to 10psi of boost pressure to the filtration system, with the latter using lifetime seals to minimise maintenance requirements.

The LT Series desalinators have a flowmeter to keep track of freshwater production and a digital water-quality monitor that displays the purity of the water produced.

They are supplied with a freshwater flush system as standard, as well as the option for timed automatic flushes, with adjustable interval durations for set-and-forget flushing.

The models also feature electrical control panels for motor starter and pump control, which is classified as NEMA 4X, ensuring that it is resistant to falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, ice, dust, water and corrosion.

The LT Series watermakers are available in a range of models with capacities ranging from 400 to 1,800 gallons a day.

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