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The Drystor range of low-humidity SMD storage cabinets from Design Environmental delivers less than five per cent relative humidity as standard and is CE marked.

Each ISO 9000 cabinet comes with a two-year warranty as standard, meets IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 and includes UKAS-traceable calibration.

Applications include: storing surface-mount devices at low humidity to prevent moisture absorption and ‘pop corning’ during the reflow solder process; storing multi-layer circuit boards; the low-humidity storage of work in progress to prevent moisture absorption and oxidisation prior to the completion of reflow solder processes; and storing all moisture-absorbing materials.

The storage cabinets can also be used as an alternative to baking components.

With the heater option, it can be used as a slow-bake oven at +40C.

According to the company, all plastic components absorb moisture and moisture ingress into SMDs and multi-layer circuit boards; this is now being recognised as a cause of product failure.

Moisture absorbed into the components rapidly expands during reflow soldering, causing microscopic cracks in SMDs and the delamination of multi-layer boards (known as ‘pop corning’).

Other potential problems can be wire necking and internal corrosion, which are difficult to detect.

Design Environmental claims that if components cannot be mounted within the manufacturer’s specified time after opening a vacuum sealed package, storing them in the Drystor cabinet will solve the problem.

For components that have been exposed for longer than the prescribed time, Drystor can be supplied with a heating option, which complies with some device manufacturers’ recovery specifications of storage at +40C for 190 hours.

Options include: cabinet heating up to +40C with thermostatic control, offering a temperature stability of +/-2C and +/-5C spatial; cooling to +20C to compensate for high external ambient conditions; RS232/RS422 or Ethernet communications; dust-free lockable castors; additional shelves; special storage arrangements, such as reels or feeders; a standby air supply with automatic start-up if air loss is detected; data-logging humidity and temperature conditions; HEPA filters on the air inlet; and nitrogen-purge versions for long-term storage.

Weiss Technik UK is part of the Weiss Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of environmental testing equipment and one of four divisions of the Schunk Group. The Weiss Group division brings together environmental simulation technology and climate technology expertise. Solutions are used around the world in research, development, manufacturing and quality assurance.

In 2013, following a combined presence in excess of 55 years, two respected leaders in environmental testing solutions, Weiss Gallenkamp and Design Environmental, merged to form Weiss Technik UK.

Weiss Technik UK currently employs a team of over 50 specialist staff at its Loughborough UK headquarters and sources all its products from a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in the Germany.

Our environmental simulation product range includes Weiss and Vötsch test chambers and rooms for automotive, temperature and climatic, environmental stress screening, corrosion and pharmaceutical stability testing. We also offer sports science rooms, laboratory and industrial ovens and fingerprint development chambers.

We’ve built our long-standing reputation as a trusted supplier of environmental testing products through technological innovation and service excellence.

We supply small-scale bench top environmental chambers through to the largest customised multi-room controlled environment facility.

Our customers include Mercedes F1, Rothamsted Research, Syngenta, BASF, GlaxoSmithKline, PepsiCo, Dunlop, the FBI, Airbus and Bosch.

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