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Concurrent Systems has revealed that its Designdatamanager (DDM) multi-CAD data management and reporting system has helped Doosan Moxy improve product innovation and increase process efficiency.

Using complex CAD assemblies across global sites, with each one typically being 2,000 to 3,000 parts, Doosan Moxy needed a single and reliable data and process management system that could expand and develop in line with changing business priorities and requirements.

With large amounts of data constantly produced and stored using a file and folder system, downtime and lost data caused delays in production.

Engineers based in the UK and Norway required an easy to use, secure system to remove additional complexities such as global access to CAD files, storing of parts/documents, traceability and stability.

Following a benchmark exercise of product and service, including dummy support calls and server testing, Doosan Moxy introduced DDM initially in the UK and then expanded to include its site in Norway.

Concurrent Systems was selected because DDM’s multi-file format and compatibility with our CAD solutions, alongside a robust support and training infrastructure.

Doosan Moxy now has centrally located files, fully secured ensuring all personnel are working from the same source data.

The system is cost-effective, user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance.

Doosan Moxy experienced some problems with slow loading of assemblies and replication difficulties across two sites.

Talking to Concurrent Systems was quickly established that the problems stemmed from a local server creating slow CAD assemblies, so DDM Remote file servers and Replication were introduced following a separate pilot.

DDM RIFs and DDM Replication provide Doosan with the ability to work across multiple sites with fast searching and access to the latest information.

Each remote site is connected through the Wide Area Network (WAN) so access to the data is from a local synchronised database.

Following implementation, engineers are now noticing an improvement of 75 per cent in speed of transfer of information.

The company’s assemblies are also more stable and easier to manage in terms of change and traceability.

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