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Deutsch has developed the Wildcat range of high-density electrical connectors.

The range incorporates two high-density connector series, the Micro and the Series 3.

Based on the Eurofighter standard JN1003, the compact Micro connectors are available in two miniature housing sizes with four contact layouts providing up to nine 3A crimp or PCB contacts.

A bayonet mechanism enables quick and positive coupling, with an anti-vibration triple-start threaded option also available, giving excellent shell-to-shell continuity for EMC performance.

Various mounting options are available and the rear accessory feature provides for cable braid and boot termination.

The Series 3 connectors are derived from the established MIL-DTL-38999 standard and also provide a high contact density with between 11 contacts in a shell size 09, and 64 contacts in a size 15.

With almost double the number of contacts compared to existing 38999 connectors, this allows engineers to effectively halve the number or reduce the size of connectors while maintaining reliability and performance.

The triple-start threaded interface of the Series 3 provides a robust and high-reliability coupling mechanism with a high level of resistance to shock and vibration.

The Wildcat Micro and Series 3 are both fully sealed with rear removable contacts and are available in various plating and material finishes including cadmium, zinc cobalt, RoHS-compliant nickel, stainless steel and aluminium bronze.

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