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Deva Electronic Controls has integrated its co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) controller with Nikon Metrology’s digital laser scanning probes and Focus Scan software.

Laser scanning technology is said to be suitable for quality-control and reverse-engineering applications, providing CMM users with greater versatility, shortened development cycles and increased productivity.

Nikon Metrology’s latest scanning probes are claimed to take the technology a step further by tripling traditional scan rates and eliminating user interaction when scanning components with varying colour or high reflectivity.

The CMM System Pack from Deva includes the 004 CMM controller, the 030 servo amplifier and the 031 colour touch-screen joystick.

This complete CMM hardware solution already offers support for a number of third-party CMM software packages.

The Focus Scan software features a 2D preview window, which facilitates laser setup and operation.

Using the Deva 031 joystick PC View feature, this and other PC information can be viewed remotely on the joystick screen.

This Deva-Nikon solution is available on new CMMs from Aberlink Innovative Metrology and from Nikon Metrology as an upgraded package to retrofit to any CMM using the Deva CMM controller.

In addition, Nikon Metrology offers a range of new machines and upgrade packages available for other controllers.

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