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Deva Electronic Controls now offers an integrated solution to allow machine designers to obtain time and motion-critical video and still images through a programmable interface.

The kit offers a single interface that can be used with manual and CNC high-resolution non-contact inspection machines to provide programmable vision and lighting technology along with precision position measurement and motion control.

The complete hardware system includes: high-resolution, low frame rate, colour USB camera module; Deva 028 lighting controller and 64 LED USB light ring; and a Deva 022 four-axis high-speed, closed-loop CMM controller offering precision position measurement and motion control.

All components are integrated through software drivers that are supplied with the kit.

Support can be provided through online, telephone and email communications.

Deva also offers system integration support.

Making use of high-speed USB 2.0 to transfer image data to a PC host system, the Deva 028 is based on a 3megapixel Cmos sensor with bayer mosaic for colour reproduction.

Features include cropping, panning, skipping and binning modes, which allow control of image resolution to further increase image capture times and frame rates.

Gain priority, shutter priority and combined gain/shutter exposure modes automatically adjust for changing light conditions and multiple, independently configurable image-capture streams operate simultaneously across one or more cameras.

The Deva 022 USB lighting controller offers individual control of LED intensity via the PC and instantly directs light onto the subject from any angle, ensuring that key features and edges are enhanced to allow for faster and more accurate measurements.

Powered by a single USB connection, this device is said to simplify installations and is supplied with drivers compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista 32 and ME.

The Deva 004 CMM controller contains a wealth of synchronisation and triggering facilities, which enables system integrators to create flexible automatic measurement systems.

Key features include a built-in autofocus algorithm to allow focusing through moving a fixed-focus camera by axis.

It is also possible to use this algorithm to take a measurement in this axis.

Coordination of image capture with position control allows capture frames to be position stamped or triggered at predetermined axis positions.

The Deva 004 CMM controller is fully supported by a variety of third-party software packages.

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