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Texas Instruments has launched the MSP430 MCU Value Line Launchpad development kit that provides a development environment to enable applications including 3D glasses and wireless networking.

The company’s MSP430 Value Line MCUs are said to offer up to 10X performance and 10X battery life over eight-bit MCUs.

Launchpad supports rapid prototyping and development by allowing developers to quickly drop-in MSP430 Value Line MCUs to evaluate, program or debug devices.

This flexibility allows developers to remove programmed devices to be placed on a custom board, or remain plugged into Launchpad to leverage on-board buttons, LEDs and breakout pins for external components.

Launchpad is compatible across the MSP430 MCU Value Line allowing developers to adapt to evolving design requirements in fast-moving markets.

MSP430 Launchpad and Value Line MCUs are said to provide a complete development environment to enable applications including 3D glasses, gaming controls, touch sensing, smoke/fire detectors, wireless networking and more.

Additionally, since all MSP430 MCUs are code compatible, solutions developed using Launchpad can be migrated to any other MSP430 MCU for added scalability.

A DIP target socket, supporting up to 20-pin devices, enables rapid prototyping with MSP430 Value Line MCUs; developers can quickly drop in MCUs to evaluate, program or debug devices.

Programmed MCUs can be easily removed and placed into custom PCBs and breadboards.

Developers can leverage pushbuttons, LEDs and breakout pins for external components, allowing Launchpad to function as a standalone system.

Integrated, USB-powered emulator permits flash programming, firmware debugging and serial communication and eliminates need for external emulator.

Launchpad interfaces with any MSP430 Value Line MCU, existing eZ430 target boards and MSP430 devices with Spy Bi-Wire capabilities.

Free compilers and debuggers available for download include Code Composer Studio IDE and IAR Embedded Workbench, providing a complete software development environment.

A 32kHz crystal increases MSP430 MCUs’ integrated digitally controlled oscillator to real-time accuracy for various peripherals and timers.

Two MSP430 Value Line devices are included; one pre-programmed with demo firmware to demonstrate the use of on-chip peripherals, including 10-bit ADC, comparators and internal temperature sensor.

The open-source design allows developers to create their own hardware based on Launchpad MSP430.

MCU Launchpad Wiki provides multiple production-ready open source projects to allow easy evaluation, design and community collaboration.

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