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Witech has updated its OK2440 ARM9 development kit for the Samsung S3C2440 microprocessor, targeted at embedded development training applications and industrial control equipment.

The OK2440-III development kit features the S3C2440 processor clocked to 533MHz and also targets consumer electronics devices such as PDAs and personal navigation devices.

Improvements made on the OK2440-III include a 4MB Nor Flash, an IDE hard-disk connector, an IIC EEPROM, and support for LVDS big-size LEDs.

On the software part, Witech upgraded WinCE5.0 to WinCE6.0 R3, and Embedded Linux to the latest 2.6.33 kernel for the OK2440-III development kit, and board-specific packages (BSP) and software development kits (SDK) are provided in source code.

These BSPs and SDKs are designed to help customer shorten their development circle and reduce time-to-market.

The S3C2440 primarily targets handheld devices such as smartphones and PDAs.

The system-on-chip integrates 16KB each of instruction and data cache, 4KB RAM and a NAND flash boot loader, power management functions, an interrupt controller, and an external memory controller.

In addition to the CPU, the OK2440-III comes with 64MB SDRAM, 4MB Nor Flash, and 256MB NAND Flash, which is expandable with a Secure Digital card slot and an IDE hard-disk connector, and peripheral I/O including USB, serial connections, 100M Ethernet, audio, video (LCD, camera), and so on.

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