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Witech’s OK6410, an ARM11 development kit for its TE6410-CORE System on Module, targets embedded development training, industrial control equipment, vehicle navigation devices and HMI.

It features the Samsung S3C6410 micro processor clocked to 667MHz, 128MB DDR RAM, 256MB NAND Flash and 12MHz, 48MHz, 27MHz, 32.768KHz clock source, The Samsung S3C6410 is said to be one of the highest-performance mobile processors available, offering a broad set of on-chip peripheral interfaces, including TFT-LCD 24-bit true-colour controller, system manager for power management, 32-channel DMA, four-channel timers and 12-bit ADC for touch-screen applications.

All the major high-level operating systems are accommodated.

Beside the workhorse S3C6410 micro processor, 128MB DDR RAM and 256MB NAND Flash, which are soldered on the six-layer TE6410-CORE System on Module, the four-layer OK6410 carrier board provides several varieties of PC-style I/Os including USB Host, USB Slave, four serial ports, SD card slot, stereo audio IO, LCD/touch-screen interface, Wi-fi connector, CMOS camera connector and keypad connector.

Witech Embedded System

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