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Witech Embedded System has launched the OK6410, an ARM11 development kit that targets industrial control equipment, vehicle navigation devices, multimedia terminal, and consumer electronic devices.

Along with the Samsung S3C6410 micro processor clocked to 667MHz, the upgraded OK6410 now carries 256MB DDRAM and 1GB NAND Flash, which provide more capacity to run embedded operating systems and user applications.

Most of the major embedded operating systems are supported by the OK6410, such as Embedded Linux, Windows CE, Android, Vxworks, and uCos/II.

Board support packages and sample programs are provided in source code for most of these mainstream embedded operating systems, including Windows CE 6.0 R3, Linux-2.6.28 and Android 2.1 to help users simplify their development cycle.

The core module of the OK6410 – designated OK6410-Core – is actually an ARM11 system-on-module (SoM), which is connected to the OK6410 carrier board by a 320p gilded anti-oxidative connector.

Once programmed, the core module SoM can be detached from the carrier board and inserted like a ‘big chip’ into users’ own test beds, prototypes and production units for OEM deployment.

Witech Embedded System

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