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Reactec has announced that it has sold its 10,000th HAVmeter safety device, designed to monitor vibration levels and help reduce injuries among workers using vibrating power tools.

The HAVmeter system allows any workers using vibrating tools to easily and accurately monitor their exposure levels to hard-arm vibration.

Every worker has a HAVmeter that is programmed with their vibration exposure limits, and they attach the device to every tool that they use during their shift.

Reactec said a key benefit of the HAVmeter system is the accurate analysis and reporting of each employee’s trigger time and total HSE points accumulated during a day’s shift, which replaces inaccurate and cumbersome paper-based systems previously used to record exposure.

The HAVmeter system builds up a complete and detailed record of tool usage and HSE exposure points for each employee every day.

Once the data is uploaded into Toolminder software, a set of standard and custom reports can be created that show workers a full breakdown of their exposure to vibration levels that occupational healthcare staff can use to manage each employee’s healthcare plan.

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