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Renesas Technology Europe and Segger have launched three devices to enable customers to develop graphical and connectivity applications for Renesas’s SH7670 SuperH microprocessor.

Embos/IP is a TCP/IP stack optimised for speed, versatility and memory footprint, Emwin is an embedded graphical user interface (GUI) and Embos is a real-time operating system (RTOS).

Two USB stacks, EmUSB (for devices) and EmUSB host, will soon be available for the SuperH microprocessor.

Emwin, written in ANSI C, supports any type of graphical display, from simple graphics devices up to high-end graphics applications with semi-transparency, anti-aliasing and widgets.

A Windows simulation package is included that can be used to write and test the entire user interface on a PC.

This provides a method for debugging and for easing hardware-independent development.

Embos is a zero-interrupt-latency, high-performance RTOS that has been optimised for minimum memory consumption in both RAM and ROM.

Its highly modular structure ensures that only necessary functions are linked, keeping the ROM size very small.

Tasks can be easily created, according to the company, and they can safely communicate with each other using a range of communication mechanisms, such as semaphores, mailboxes and events.

Interrupt service routines (ISRs) can also take advantage of this communications approach.

Embos/IP is a high-performance library that has been optimised for speed, versatility and memory footprint.

It is also written in ANSI C and can be used on virtually any central processing unit (CPU).

It features ANSI C socket.h-like API for user applications, meaning that an application using the standard C socket library can be ported to use Embos/IP.

The stack runs ‘out of the box’ and works with Embos in a multi-tasking environment.

To aid the development and support of SH7670 applications, a Renesas starter kit (RSK) called the SH7670RSK+ is available.

This tool is a suitable starting point for development and can also enable full debugging and development.

It comes with Renesas’s E10A debugger, a power supply and a USB stick.

It also includes the Renesas C compiler and the high-performance Embedded Workbench.

The board also contains a QVGA TFT display that is suitable for use with the Emwin software and an Ethernet socket supported by Embos/IP.

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