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Dezineforce has teamed up with Ansys, Dell and Microsoft to offer a turnkey HPC (high-performance computing) simulation appliance, pre-integrated with Ansys engineering applications.

The appliance gives engineers access to shared HPC-based simulation capabilities, improving productivity and resource utilisation, and delivering greater insight into product performance.

Ansys develops engineering simulation software used to predict how products will behave in real-world environments.

The Dezineforce HPC simulation appliance for Ansys is delivered engineer ready, requiring no local HPC management or configuration expertise.

Pre-integrated Ansys software enables engineers to work with familiar tools with the added benefits of HPC performance and scalability.

Dezineforce simulation manager tools optimise simulation scheduling and provide transparent control over multiple parallel simulations, making efficient use of available hardware and licence resources.

The Dezineforce HPC simulation appliance is proactively monitored by a built-in appliance management agent, which constantly checks system health.

The appliance management agent alerts Dezineforce about any issues via a secure outbound channel, enabling Dezineforce to initiate corrective actions or repairs as necessary.

The appliance management agent is part of the Dezineforce service management agreement covering the appliance hardware, operating software, application environment and performance, and provides a single point of responsibility and contact for the customer.


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