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Techno-Sommer Automatic has announced the launch of the DGP404 series parallel grip-and-rotate modules with T-slot guides.

The DGP404 series is designed for high-load automation applications that require parts to be sorted and rotated 90- or 180-degrees.

The combination of parallel gripper and rotator fits in tight spaces easily, while the stable T-slot guides aid the absorption of large force and moments.

The DGP404 series features up to 4mm stroke per jaw, 350N of grip force and 0.5Nm of torque for rotation.

The DGP404 series has separate pneumatic connections for grip and rotate cylinders, so the grip function can operate independently from the rotate function.

Offered in six different models for inside and outside gripping, each unit can be set for either 90- or 180-degrees of rotation and has magnetic position sensor slots built into the housing.

These models are also available with mechanical gripping-force retention.

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