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Dialog Semiconductor has introduced the DA9052, a power management integrated circuit (PMIC) that offers designers flexibility in reducing power consumption, size and cost in portable devices.

Conceived as a platform-PMIC, capable of supporting all major families of application and mobile graphics processors, DA9052 offers a high level of user configurability.

Up to 14 power supplies, 16 GPIOs and other system function behaviour may be adapted in different operating modes as a means of eliminating power consumption overhead in the host processor.

This high level of system wake-up/mode control within the PMIC reduces design cycle time and complexity by enabling software and application development to start at an earlier phase using a pre-validated PMIC platform.

The DA9052 is set up through a graphical user interface in Dialog’s Power Commander software utility.

This configures power sequencing and multiple sleep modes.

The device integrates four DC/DC buck converters and 10 programmable LDOs on-chip, and the LDOs can be connected to the DC/DC converters to improve system efficiency.

Each output can be connected in series or parallel, adding further flexibility.

To further optimise the processor energy-per-task, dynamic voltage scaling can be used on up to five outputs and Dialog’s Smartmirror1 dynamic biasing is implemented on all linear regulators.

Power dissipation within the DA9052 itself is autonomously regulated on-chip.

A dual-input switching DC/USB battery charger allows up to 1.2A to be drawn from a lithium battery with minimal thermal impact to the DA9052 device itself.

This allows the increased output current to be sustained for maximum processor performance.

USB power inputs are over-voltage protected and the embedded power path controller manages energy flow between an AC adapter, USB cable and battery, while maintaining USB power specification compliance via the D+/D- data lines.

This power path functionality is supported without any processor interaction, enabling power scenarios such as instant power-up with a discharged battery.

The DA9052 is supplied in a dual-row QFN86 (7mm x 7mm) package with 0.5mm pitch.

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