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Diamond Ground Products is offering to supply custom-made TIG and plasma electrodes that are pre-ground to match the specifications of customers that use orbital and automatic welding systems.

Designed to ensure that weld quality remains consistent and welders productive, this supply service means users are no longer restricted to buying electrodes from their welding equipment manufacturer.

Instead, they can purchase the electrode required, pre-ground to their exact specifications, direct from Diamond Ground Products.

The company claims its longitudinally prepared, pre-ground electrodes offer improved arc starting and stability, greater longevity and consistent welds at economical prices.

Diamond Ground Products

Diamond Ground Products is the market leader in the supply and preparation of quality tungsten. 

Our understanding of many welding processes has enabled us to supply quality tungsten products at competitive prices with superior quality. 

Off-the-shelf standard products along with more specialised custom products are supplied by Diamond Ground Products: your first point of contact for all your tungsten requirements. 

Diamond Ground Products Ltd improves weld quality and welder productivity by providing high quality and low cost.

Tungsten grinders

Tungsten grinders are available in a variety of styles and price ranges

Tungsten electrodes: pre-ground and re-ground 

Precision CNC ground tungsten electrodes to your exact specifications.


General and speciality tungsten shipped from stock.

Plasma welding torches and accessories 

Save 30-60 per cent when compared with OEM manufacturer prices.

Tungsten/molybdenum fabrication and machining 

Unmatched quality and capability at the lowest prices

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