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The lane-changing Maxtriever family of storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) offers fast delivery from, and replenishment to, more than one aisle of a warehouse.

The system is designed to change aisles so that one unit has the ability to access more of a facility, increasing warehouse space availability, simplifying inventory access and reducing overhead costs while improving productivity, warehouse control, working conditions and floor space usage.

The Maxtriever series of automated Miniload and Unitload storage and retrieval machines is well suited to applications that include the buffering and storage of raw materials, work-in-process and/or finished goods and is effective in the replenishment of forward picking locations.

Efficient in handling small parts in totes to large items and car bodies, these high-speed, high-density storage and retrieval systems can replace conventional static rack or carousels to maximise vertical storage space.

Lane-changing units have equal performance to lane-bound units in terms of speed, acceleration, and positioning.

The system automatically and accurately moves items for high-volume picking operations.

Diamondware Autotrieve software manages Maxtriever SRMs to optimise material flow, shipping and receiving, and equipment use for continuous flow, and can be interfaced to existing host WMS software.

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