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Kam Differentials produces replacement parts that increase the strength of internal axle components in Land Rovers and Toyotas.

Kam also offers a system that increases the traction to the wheels, giving greater mobility off-road.

This system has already been fitted to more than 5200 Spanish MoD vehicles and the Czech MoD has just completed a fleet changeover for Kam units.

The Kam Diff lock system is modular and will fit directly into all current and past models of the Wimik, Vixen and Snatch Land Rovers.

The system has been designed so that military end-users have a range of modular components that can be fitted individually from strengthened half shafts, CVs and crown wheel and pinions to a full Diff lock system.

The Kam system protects the vehicle from becoming stuck and increases the vehicle’s ability to travel over arduous terrain when fully laden and when towing equipment.

The Kam system can instantly double-drive.

The benefits of the OEM axle become clear when vehicles are up-armoured and have heavy payloads and operational equipment.

Kam is in the process of adding NSNs to all its parts.

Kam produces a range of CVs that are an up-rated version of the standard part.

The CV can offer double the strength of a standard CV.

One of Kam’s latest developments is a fused system built into the CV output stub shaft.

If the axle is put under excessive load, the small stub-shaft breaks, saving the rest of the axle from damage.

This stub-shaft weighs 1kg and takes three minutes to replace.

KAM Differentials

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