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A fully digital TTL-controlled bandpass rejection filter covering 2-18GHz from Meuro Microwave Corporation is now available through Gigahertz Marketing Solutions.

The bandpass rejection filter – model number MYIG0218RFD – has a 3dB pass bandwidth of 200MHz minimum with insertion loss in the passband of 2.5dB maximum.

The 40dB bandwidth is 10MHz, the tuning linearity is +/-10MHz and hysteresis is 20MHz maximum.

Control is J30J 12-bit TTL.

The 24V heater draws 150mA in the steady state and the operating 15V current is 800mA maximum.

The unit measures 102 x 56 x 38mm.

Applications are in the area of test and measurement systems as well as defence and space.

An alternative bandpass – model MYIG0218BFD – has a 20MHz 3dB bandwidth and 70dB off-resonance isolation.

Control and package specifications are the same as the rejection filter.

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