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Mahr Federal is to exhibit a new generation of its line of Marcal digital calipers at IMTS 2010 for a range of measurement applications within the manufacturing environment.

Included in the line are several features, such as lapped guide-ways, a reference system that retains the zero position setting, and an increased number of product options and accessories.

Marcal digital calipers are available with protection against dust and immersion to class IP67, provide increased battery life, offer a range of data output options, and are available in a range of sizes, and blade and anvil configurations.

The new reference system available on Marcal R-designated digital calipers is designed to be a significant time-saver for operators.

Unlike older models, which require the zero position to be reset whenever the calliper is switched on, the Marcal reference system retains the zero setting, so that the unit is ready to measure whenever it is turned on or the jaws are moved.

A reference lock protects the setting from operator error and the reference system is claimed to be much more energy efficient, providing up to 50 per cent longer battery life.

Mahr Federal’s stand will also display a new option package for the company’s Marform MMQ 200 Formtester, which provides the measurement of surface finish parameters according to accepted ISO, ASME, and JIS standards.

With the combined hardware/software MMQ 200 Surface Finish option, operators will benefit from reduced set-up and measurement cycle time, and reduced cost, by needing only a single piece of equipment for both form and surface measurements.

The Marsurf UD 120, which can generate both surface and contour measurements in a single pass, will also be showcased.

Designed for economy, the system provides high accuracy over a large measuring range in nanometre resolutions.

The Marsurf UD 120 includes both automated motorised operation and joy-stick control, along with a patented magnetic probe mounting feature that prevents probe damage and allows probe changes in seconds and without any additional tools.

The Digimar 816 CL height gauge provides accurate measurements without complicated procedures, according to Mahr.

Robust design and user-friendly operation combine with advanced features and functionality to improve dimensional measurement on the shop floor or in the lab.

The Precimar Linear 100 is a universal, user-friendly length-measuring instrument for rapid, precise internal and external measurements up to 100mm (4in), directly in the manufacturing environment.

The unit includes the Marcheck Display, which makes it easy to transfer measured data to PCs.

In addition, the 800 EW digital test indicator, which is shockproof, anti-magnetic, protected against coolants and lubricants to IP65, offers data output via USB or OPTO or RS 232C, and battery life of up to two years.


Mahr is one of the world’s largest manufacturers in metrology, specialising in high quality precision products and services for engineers.

Company – Mahr– Manufacturing in the UK continues to be an important growth industry, generating 10% of GVA and comprising 44% of exports. With strong growth comes faster, more precise manufacturing. Smaller components require less margin for error and more stringent quality control.

The importance of metrology in modern manufacturing has never been more prominent. Providing the crucial information for quick, reliable measurement to support and inform decisions. Metrology has the power to drive manufacturing excellence.

Since developing our first Vernier calipers back in 1868, we have accumulated over 150 years’ of metrological expertise. Producing the world’s first digital indicator and microprocessor controlled roughness-measuring instrument. We now hold over 10,000 different products and we continue to drive the leading edge of innovation in modern metrology.

Our highly trained team operates from 52 countries across the globe. Driving metrological research, high quality production whilst supporting our valued customers.

Our trusted measuring instruments feature in all manner of prominent processes from automotive and aerospace manufacturing to biomechanical research and mechanical engineering. Wherever precise measurement is required, there is a Mahr tool for the job. From caliper’s to high-end customised measuring systems you can rely on Mahr for low measuring uncertainties and well manufactured instruments built to last.

We aim to ensure the quality of every product manufactured. Every service undertaken and every procedure implemented in order to satisfy our customer needs. Many of the Mahr group companies have certified quality management systems that comply with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

We let precision speak! We make it our job to ensure that the results are accurate. Our range of products extends from calipers to customized high-end measuring systems with direct connection to your production process.

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