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The multi-parameter PWE digital paddlewheel flowmeters from Aalborg Instruments is said to offer cost-effective solutions to medium-flow liquid applications.

These units provide password-protected access to process parameters, therefore eliminating user-tampering or resetting.

Flow rates can be displayed in 23 different volumetric or mass-flow engineering units.

In addition, flowmeter parameters and functions can be programmed locally via optional keypad and LCD or remotely via RS-232/RS-485 interface.

The units are said to have a simple design with only one moving part, and are easy to install and operate.

Sapphire jewel bearings facilitate virtually friction-free impeller-wheel rotations resulting in linear medium flow metering.

PWE supports various functions including two independently programmable flow totalisers, self-diagnostic alarm, flow pulse output, and analogue 0-5VDC or 4-20mA output flow and temperature signals.

Models constructed of polypropylene or chemically-resistant PVDF can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

The PWE digital paddlewheel meters are designed for measuring highly accurate temperature readings and are said to be ideally suited to many flow-system applications.

Durable materials of construction ensure long operational life.

All models come with free communication software with temperature and flow-data-logging capability.

Flow-metering accuracy is +/- 1 per cent FS and temperature accuracy is +/- 0.5C.

Typical applications for paddlewheel flowmeters include: research and development facilities; metering applications; test stands; OEM applications; water treatment systems; water dispensing systems; flow verification; and process applications.

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