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Avnet Memec has launched the CS1500 and CS1600 digital power factor correction (PFC) controller ICs for energy-related markets from Cirrus Logic.

The controller ICs are said to offer power supply and lighting ballast system designers improved performance and simplified designs compared with legacy analogue PFC products.

Both ICs are highly integrated and therefore contribute to the reduction of the overall bill of materials.

Mike Sandyck, technical marketing manager Avnet Memec, said: ‘PFC is required in many electronic applications around the world, as global regulations push to improve the overall efficiency of the utility grid.

‘As global regulatory requirements and efficiency standards become increasingly strict, analogue PFC chips are nearing the end of their capabilities.

‘New digital solutions enable continued performance and feature improvements designed to meet future market demands,’ he added.

The CS1500 and CS1600 feature the EXL Core architecture, with more than 50 patented and patent-pending algorithm technologies.

They are able to solve increasingly complex power management challenges.

Through patent-pending digital noise-shaping technology, both devices enable reduced-size EMI filters, cutting the need for additional high-priced components and circuitry.

Additionally, these digital ICs improve energy efficiency across all load conditions, with a distinct performance advantage in light load conditions and simplify system designs by reducing external component count by more than 30 per cent.

The CS1500 and CS1600 are digitally controlled, discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), active power factor correction ICs intended for use in power supplies rated up to 300W.

The CS1500 is designed to address compact power supplies, while the CS1600 targets electronic lighting ballasts.

The CS1500 and CS1600 are available in an eight-pin SOIC package.

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