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The TDS3052C digital phosphor oscilloscope (DPO) provides a bandwidth range of 500MHz and 5GS/sec sample rates for accurate signal representation.

Providing a greater level of insight into complex signals, the TDS3052C combines 3,600 continuous waveform per second capture rate and real-time intensity grading.

By combining digital real-time (DRT) sampling technology with sin(x)/x interpolation, a range of signal types can be simultaneously and accurately characterised on all channels, with no change in sampling rate when additional channels are turned on.

This sampling technology makes it possible to capture high-frequency information, such as glitches and edge anomalies.

The TDS3052C offers simple documentation and analysis, and is equipped with a USB host port that allows easy storage and transfer of measurement information to a PC.

Openchoice PC Communication Software allows screen images and waveform data to be pulled into a standalone desktop application or directly into Microsoft Word and Excel.

For non-PC analysis, the DPO comes standard with 25 automatic measurements and basic maths functions for use of the full acquisition record length or to isolate a specific occurrence within an acquisition.

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