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Tohnichi has launched the CPT Protork digital torque wrench, which is designed specifically for precision tightening.

Said to be as simple to use as a conventional ‘click’ torque wrench, the CPT Protork features a light-emitting-diode indicator that allows the user to view increasing torque as it approaches the pre-programmed target torque value.

Red and blue lights signal when torque is achieved and if over-torque has occurred.

This responsive industrial-grade torque wrench provides precise tightening with +/-3 per cent accuracy of the indicated value.

Several modes are available, including Preset Tightening Mode, Judgment Tightening Mode and Peak/Run.

Up to 50 different torque measurements can be saved and up to 10 target torque settings can be registered for tightening a variety of different fasteners.

The newly designed TQH interchangeable ratcheting square drive head features 72 teeth with five degrees of operation and a push-release socket lock function.

The wrench can be ordered on its own or as a set that includes the CPT Protork wrench, the TQH head, two AA batteries and a storage case.

More than 230 interchangeable heads are available to match a variety of torque applications.

The wrench is available in five torque ranges, covering 2-280NM, with 16 models in SI, metric or English units of measure.

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