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Directed Perception has announced its PTU-D48-DVE model pan-tilt unit, for use in driver vision enhancer systems (DVE-FOS) and forward activity detection systems (FADS) applications.

The PTU-D48-DVE meets technical requirements for DVE/DVE-FOS/FADS systems while providing several capabilities that other systems do not, including a compact form factor and full digital interface with speed/acceleration control and absolute positioning – to meet current DVE/FADS requirements as well as future applications.

Features include: precise, slew-to-cue functionality; solid and vibration-tolerant for vehicle applications; reliable worm-gear design – no belts/pulleys; flexible payload mounting (top and/or side); integrated controller – no other electronics box required; option for internal payload wire-through; compatibility with other Directed Perception pan-tilt units; drop-in COTS system for camera OEMs and systems integrators.

Standard compliant interfaces reduce integration effort and ensure compatibility and interchangeability.

The integrated design of the PTU-D48-DVE provides a complete turnkey positioning system for fast, accurate, dynamic, computer-controlled positioning of pan and tilt through a wide range of motion.

It offers a low parts count for increased reliability, high-volume manufacturability, and low cost.

The PTU-D48-DVE includes a fully-integrated controller with digital commands for fine-grained control of speed, acceleration, position limits, and power modes.

It has a single 16-32V DC power input with raw power conditioning, compact dimensions (7.8in H x 5.4in W x 5.5in D), low weight (under 4.54kg), a digital real-time control interface and a joystick/controller (Optional).

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