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TFC is offering a range of disc springs — conically formed annular discs that are loaded axially and provide a predetermined force at various operating heights.

TFC disc springs

Because of the flexibility by which they can be assembled, either singly or in columns, TFC disc springs are able to offer designers specific spring characteristics dependent upon how they are arranged.

With their largely self-damping characteristics, low operating heights, lack of setting or fatigue under normal loads and stresses, they are suitable for a range of static and dynamic applications.

TFC disc springs are manufactured to recognised DIN standards and are available in a range of materials to suit even the most hazardous applications.

Key features and benefits

  • The conically formed annular discs are loaded in the axial direction
  • They take up manufacturing tolerances and quieten bearings
  • They reduce the numbers of components and simplify fitting
  • Axial space is minimised
  • There is a small load change with axial deflection
  • Automatic bearing alignment is by a light pre-load
  • Load is evenly applied around bearing outer ring
  • Discs are manufactured from either BS1449 Pt1CS70 or DIN 17222 50CrV4, deburred so that all edges are rounded
  • They conform to DIN 2093 dimensions and load characteristics
  • All disc springs are austempered to provide the optimum blend of ductility and hardness in the range HRC 42-52

TFC Europe Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of technical fastener components to industry, with an unrivalled reputation for delivering innovative products, supply solutions, and exemplary service, to help our customers achieve breakthroughs in product development and productivity.

From the very beginning TFC’s founders in Heathfield, UK were determined to help equipment designers by supplying technical fasteners enabling them to design a better product and to generate more profits for their companies. Half a century later this same approach means that TFC helps not only the designer but also the buyer, and the operations teams by providing a wide variety of fastener and related components via automated and sophisticated supply systems that enable lean manufacturing goals to be met and our customers to improve their profits.

In so doing TFC has become one of the leading fastener distribution businesses in Europe supplying over 3,000 customers, employing over 100 people, working out of a national and European network of logistic service centres as well as being able to support global customers in their manufacturing plants anywhere in the world.

Whether it is a simple threaded bolt or a complex bespoke product made to customer drawing speci¬ cations, our quality assured fasteners are guaranteed to provide the perfect solution to your fastening needs.

– Bolts & Socket Screws in various grades
– Smalley Wave Springs and Spirolox Retaining Rings
– Nuts, Washers, Rivets & Screws of all types
– Sheet Metal Fasteners – self-clinch & rivet bushes
– Circlips, Springs, Keys and Seals
– Threaded Inserts – for plastics, timber & metal
– Electronic Hardware – standoffs, handles, ferrules
– Construction Fixings – anchors, through bolts, resin
– Panel, Wire & Pipe Fasteners
– Machined and turned parts to specification

Supply Chain Services – Our supply chain expertise provides significant benefits to customers by reducing costs associated with the purchase, stockholding and handling of a wide range of low-cost fastening and ancillary items. With a flexible inventory managed system; DLF, Kanban or VMI to reduce the supplier base, minimise inventory, direct to the line quality approved products immediately at hand, customers are able to remove a whole variety of hidden administration and transaction costs.

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