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This summer, Sensor Products is offering a 10 per cent discount on its Pressurex pressure-indicating sensor film, which can be used for the contact pressure measurement of nip rollers.

Further applications of Pressurex, which measures surface-contact pressures between 2 and 43,200PSI (0.14 and 3,000g/cm2), include gasket and bolted-joint interfaces, connectors, heat sealers, heat sinks, biomechanics, lamination, wafer polishing and bonding, composite lay up and plastic moulding.

The 10 per cent discount is available to researchers who work for an accredited academic institution, until 30 November 2010.

Pressurex reveals pressure distribution and magnitude between mating or impacting surfaces.

When placed in the interface, the film changes colour in direct proportion to the actual pressure applied.

The result is an instantaneous and permanent topographical image of pressure magnitude and distribution across the contact area.

Precise pressure magnitude is easily determined by comparing colour-variation results to a colour-correlation chart.

The film is routinely used to troubleshoot assembly problems, aid in research and design, and reveal defects during quality control.

It is flexible, conforming to curved and straight surfaces, and can be hand or laser cut to virtually any size or dimension.

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