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Severn Trent Services-Apliclor has designed a wastewater disinfection system for the town of Alguaire, Spain, which will enable the reuse of wastewater for irrigation.

The system uses Aquadiox chlorine dioxide generators to provide effective and cost-efficient treatment of wastewater for a variety of reuse applications.

The system was built by the Catalan Water Agency through the construction company Constructora de Calaf.

The Aquadiox chlorine dioxide generators will produce chlorine dioxide on site to provide residual disinfection, preventing bacteria from forming in the plant’s distribution network.

Chlorine dioxide is generated on site because it is a product that cannot be transported or stored.

The generators use sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid to generate the chlorine dioxide solution.

As a disinfection alternative to the traditional use of chlorine, chlorine dioxide disinfection reacts less with organic matter present in the distribution network, thus eliminating odours and minimising the formation of trihalomethanes (THMs).

THMs are considered harmful to human health and the environment; European Union legislation stipulates that THM levels must not exceed 100ug per litre of water.

The Alguaire wastewater treatment plant, which serves 3,000 inhabitants in the Spanish province of Lleida, occupies an area of 3,500m2 and has a water treatment capacity of 1,226m3/day.

The new system is expected to be operational in 2010.

Installation of the Alguaire wastewater treatment system is in accordance with the 2005 Urban Wastewater Treatment Programme (PSARU 2005), which was approved by the autonomous government of Catalonia in July 2006 to increase and improve wastewater disposal throughout the region.

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