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South-Tek Systems has introduced the Beerblast Plus, its second-generation mixed gas dispensing system targeted at low-volume draft beer serving establishments through to large sports bars.

The Beerblast Plus generates its own beverage-grade nitrogen on site and blends it with CO2 to provide a pure, cost-effective and accurate blend of beer gas.

This new system maintains the same standard of its predecessor while offering a variety of improvements as well as decreased installation and lifecycle costs.

The Beerblast Plus Series is available in four models: the S-200P, the S-400P, the S-600P and the S-800P.

It has several new features that are intended to benefit both the end user/establishment and the installer.

The Beerblast Plus Series produces 75 per cent less vibration, which facilitates the mounting of the unit in more areas within the back rooms of the establishment.

The units are barely audible as their sound level has been reduced.

Less vibration within the cabinet translates into a higher level of durability and adds to the overall life of the unit, according to the company.

South-Tek claims that the new Beerblast Plus internals are more user and maintenance friendly, as are the outside connections and labels.

In the event of downstream draft beer system leaks during everyday use, which usually occur in the keg cooler, the patented Blastoff – Leak Detection System and the new integral flow-/leak-rate meters have been added as a standard feature to the series.

This enables the quick diagnostics of gas leaks in the draft beer system and ensures that leaks are found and that action can be taken to address such leaks in a timely manner.

To reduce installation time and cost, all Plus models are designed to require only one 28-gallon nitrogen storage tank and now use a single in/out nitrogen line to reduce leak points.

The Plus series also contains a variety of internal component simplifications, including colour-coded tubing, the elimination of the AB switch and a ‘filter change-out schedule/verification label’ in order to improve serviceability.

South-Tek Systems

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