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Analytical Technology has been awarded a three-year framework agreement by Thames Water, which will see the company install its optical dissolved oxygen monitors to improve process control.

The company will install its optical dissolved oxygen monitors across multiple Thames Water wastewater treatment works in order to improve process control.

During the bidding process, Thames Water was impressed by Analytical Technology’s Q45D-ODO monitor’s capability as well as the commercial services offered by the vendor.

The company was required to meet a rigorous vendor assessment standard, which showed that the company had provided good customer support for its disinfection monitors already installed within Thames Water.

Analytical Technology also demonstrated capital cost savings as well as project and whole-life savings, which will be achieved through lower maintenance and reduced cost for spares.

Dissolved oxygen is one of the most critical parameters in the activated sludge process and tighter consent targets now mean that utility companies, including Thames Water, need to review instrumentation to ensure that all wastewater treatment works are fully compliant.

Analytical Technology’s optical dissolved oxygen monitor has been designed to provide reliable dissolved oxygen control while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

The monitor is based on fluorescence quenching technology and provides continuous monitoring with virtually no servicing required.

Conventional oxygen sensors are often affected by process coating and any material that slows the diffusion of oxygen into the reaction cell will cause an error in the oxygen reading.

Analytical Technology’s Q45D-ODO contains an auto-clean function, which generates a series of high-pressure air blasts to remove contaminants from the face of the sensor and eliminate errors caused by fouling.

This auto-clean capability will enable Thames Water to achieve continuous and reliable dissolved oxygen measurement without the risk of sensor fouling.

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