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The Distell Torrymeter Fish Freshness Meter allows commercial buyers to test wet-fish freshness simply, quickly and non-destructively.

Its rugged construction, extended temperature specification and long battery autonomy allow a full day’s use on the dockside, within fish processing factories and in other environmentally challenging environments.

The Distell Torrymeter measures the dielectric property of the fish skin and muscle, which alters in a systematic way as the fish spoils.

This dielectric alteration during spoilage is directly related to changes in odour, appearance, texture and flavour, so it can be used as a reliable indication of freshness.

The meter can also detect if a fish sample has previously been frozen.

The meter uses a sensing head, two pushbuttons and an LCD menu display to manage measurement, calibration and computer uploads.

The result appears on the meter’s LCD display and can also be stored or uploaded to a computer for analysis.

A Data Management Software Package for PC installation is provided with the meter.

A single measurement can be taken in as little as 5sec and up to 16 samples can be taken and averaged for more accurate results.

Measuring charts for most European and some other fish types and handling conditions are provided and the meter is delivered ready to measure many fish types.

Users can also easily create their own organoleptic measurement chart or custom calibration for saving to the meter.

With mains or battery operation, the batteries support a full eight-hour day’s operation.

The meter is rated to IP64, resisting dust infiltration or water spray and operates over a 0 to 45C temperature range.

It is supplied with a carrying case, charger, data cable, software drivers, instructions and measurement charts.

The meter’s applications include estimation of fish freshness and quality, grading according to European Standards E-A-B, determining if the fish has been frozen or irradiated, checking remaining shelf life and determining fish age during angling competitions.

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