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Diversified Plastics has been chosen by Coaxia to produce a polycarbonate miniature manifold, which is part of Coaxia’s Neuroflo catheter.

The catheter is currently in clinical trials to determine the effectiveness of an alternative approach to treat ischemic stroke.

‘We began working with Diversified Plastics two years ago in preparation for introducing a smaller version of the Neuroflo catheter into our Sentis clinical trial,’ said Rick Kravik, principal mechanical design engineer at Coaxia.

‘Because we initially only need parts in the hundreds to complete the clinical trial and to obtain FDA approval, we did not want to invest in a production mould at this time.

‘We needed a supplier who could provide design assistance, machine the manifold portion of the catheter and, when we were ready, mould the production parts.

‘This supplier had to excel in precision manufacturing – the size of the hole down the middle of the manifold can vary only by the diameter of a human hair, +/-0.003in.

‘Diversified Plastics has been capable of meeting all of our needs,’ he added.

The Neuroflo catheter is a dual-balloon endovascular device that is placed in the descending aorta near the renal arteries.

The balloons are inflated for 45 minutes to partially block the blood flow to the lower extremities, diverting more of it to the brain.

The treatment, investigational at this time, is intended to minimise the effects of the stroke by increasing blood flow to the brain during this critical time.

Diversified Plastics uses a computer numerically controlled (CNC) lathe and mill to machine catheter parts for Coaxia.

It also provides the pad printing of the identification nomenclature on the manifolds.

‘Our company specialises in plastic injection molding and machining prototypes for medical product companies,’ said Joni Davis, sales engineer, Diversified Plastics.

‘We can also provide secondary operations such as pad printing, spin welding, sonic welding and clean room assembly and packaging,’ he added.

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