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Vortex Valves Europe has introduced the Fill Pass Diverter, a CE, ATEX and FDA approved diverter valve.

As part of a closed-loop pneumatic conveying system, the Fill Pass Diverter routes product flow into one or more in-line hoppers while venting air back into the loop.

The Fill Pass Diverter directs product to either bypass the hopper or fill it from the top.

Its flexible design and connection options allow it to handle a range of powders, pellets and granular media in diverse operating environments.

It incorporates the same design technology as the Quantum orifice gate valve and the Wye Line Diverter.

It benefits from a cost-saving modular construction and a blade and seal slide mechanism.

Streamlined, unobstructed pathways and clean shut-off improve filling rate and accuracy over the diverter’s recommended working pressure range of +/- 1barg.

Hard polymer seals are protected from blast abrasion.

They self-clean on the opening stroke and self-compensate for wear.

Seals and seats can be fitted in materials that include polyamide, PET, UHMW polyethylene, glass-filled PTFE and silicone rubber.

Materials of construction are 304 or 316L stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminium.

Options are also provided for actuation, position detection switches and for pipe schedules and sizes, which extend from 50 to 150mm diameter.

Maintenance takes place with the diverter left entirely in-line.

A shimming system allows the user to increase or decrease the compression force of the seals or plates, on the blade.

This makes it simple to adjust performance, without removal from the line, with negligible downtime.

Replacement seals simply slot in place and push out the existing seal.

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